2 thoughts on “Wrassie

  1. Hi Mr. Bill Edmunds,

    I hope you are well! Thank you for your inspirational sketches and poems on the Reflections about Life’s Experiences – wonderful works.

    My name is Zimeng Zhao and I read about your story on AMYLOIDOSIS NEWS, which directs me to your website.

    I work for Atheneum Partners, an expert network company based in Berlin, Germany. We are currently working for a research firm who is looking at AL Amyloidosis in Australia. In connection with this, they hope to gain a better understanding of the patient journey, clinical management, as well as future outlooks and paradigm changes for this rare disease. To gain a more holistic view, we are looking forward to speaking with 2 AL Amyloidosis patients in AU to know their experience with the disease.

    For that, we would love to have a 60 min zoom call online to have a two-way conversation with you. It would require no preparation on your side and can be scheduled at a convenient time of yours.

    I wonder if this would be an interesting opportunity for you? We hope to know your thoughts!

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to jump on a quick call with me to discuss the details. 🙂

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Zimeng Zhao
      Thank you for your feedback on my website. The poem near the end of my collection captures my thoughts as on September 1 this year it has been ten years since my stem cell transplant. I am interested in your project and look forward to communicating further with you. My email address is bill.edmunds43@gmail.com
      Best wishes


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