When your dog adopts you, life can never be the same,
Protecting your interests becomes a very serious game.
When I said jump, the dog said, “How high?”
And learned to clear a paling fence higher than my eye.
Not a clever thing for me to teach the dog to do,
That enhanced his capacity to follow me ‘n you.

Pickles came to live with us when he was six weeks old,
He was a friendly, lively pup, confident and bold.
He was master of his territory, kept other dogs at bay,
His technique was special, I remember to this day.
He’d sneak along the boundary fence until level with his foe,
Then across the street he’d charge and ‘t-bone’ the so and so!

Our toddler son was missing, we searched all round the house,
But all the rooms were empty, ‘twas quieter than a mouse.
Our attention then turned outside, particularly to the street
When we checked the intersection our hearts did skip a beat!
Sitting on the ‘dummy policeman’ were the small boy and the dog
One cannot underestimate the care of the family watchdog.

A Labrador and spaniel cross, so hence the ‘Pickles’ name,
A loyal trusted family friend, ever ready for a game.
He enjoyed the games of fetch and catch each and every day,
Enjoyed the time with special mates when there were games to play.
There were some occasions when warning barks were heard,
And possible intruders were certainly deterred.

Pickles’ time has been and gone, forty years have flown,
Three more dogs we have enjoyed calling each our own.
A dog is understanding and will always be a friend,
No matter what the weather they’re loyal to the end.
It seems a dog is so aware of feelings and of mood,
One thing I really know, they leave you feeling good!

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