2. The ballad of the Mount Brown Walking Track

Old Bill had a thirst for adventure on his SupaScoota.
He’d heard of a cliff top Parks and Wildlife Track
Along the Tasman Peninsula’s southern coast.
The plan was firmed, there would be no turning back.

 Old Bill couldn’t walk a ‘country mile’
The scooter helped him travel in style.

The day was fine at Remarkable Cave as Old Bill
Mounted his scooter and powered from the car park,
But alas and alack the path was blocked by steps!
Could this put paid to that day’s adventurous lark?

 Old Bill’s face lit up with a grin
A few piddly steps would not stop him!

Not to be outdone, Old Bill dismounted and with the
SupaScoota out of gear pulled it like a barrow
Up the steps, then remounted to begin once more
Along the cliff top track, although it’s somewhat narrow.

The Supascoota purred along the track –
For Old Bill there was no turning back.

The view to Cape Raoul was beautiful, magnificent,
Wild flowers quite abundant. It’s great to be alive.
The bush and seascapes contribute to Old Bill’s
Spiritual being, both places where he can thrive.

 In the bush Old Bill feels at home
The perfect place for him to roam.

The frequent mounds that shed rainwater from the track
Presented challenges to Old Bill and his scooter,
Set diagonally across the path he’d quarter them,
As though waves, not an issue for this trouble shooter.

The scooter would slew as it crested the ‘wave’,
Old Bill held on tightly, made it behave.

The downhill bits were really fun for when the brakes
Were applied the wheels locked up and began to slide
On the gravel surface until, momentum lost,
Old Bill could happily continue his ride.

The electro-magnetic brakes were a curse
Yet added to the fun when writing this verse.

 The ‘hoon’ in Old Bill loved every slide
And the grin on his face grew extra wide.

He’d lean forward on the uphill slope, for balance,
To prevent tipping backwards when power was applied.
All was going well in that magnificent landscape,
Old Bill enjoying the journey, the setting, the ride.

There is more in this story for me to tell
When on one long uphill, Old Bill gave a yell!

The scooter stopped, it’s motor refused to function.
Old Bill stood and scratched his head, totally perplexed.
His SupaScoota had given up, it’s battery
Discharged, refused to proceed, Old Bill was vexed!

How could this happen on a beautiful day
When Old Bill and his scooter came out to play?

The battery would work when the scooter was unladen
Or on a downward slope, so Old Bill walked beside
On the journey back to base, riding the scooter downhill
And walking, when he had no power to ride.

Old Bill’s Balance was quite impaired,
The scooter and he a life now shared.

The batteries proved to be quite old, declared dead,
Replaced and Old Bill bought another set besides
To guard against this happening again
When he explored the bush on future rides.

The call for adventure will not take long,
Back to the bush where Old Bill belongs .

Bill Edmunds, December 2020