Covid 19 Mutated

Caravan parks reopen, tourist roads all beckon
Grey Nomads, who spent those months in isolation
Avoiding Civid19, the havoc that it caused,
When travel holidays were so necessarily paused.

Some Facebook friends hooked up their neglected caravan,
Headed to the East Coast for the sun, the surf and sand.
But little did they know, the virus had transmuted,
Attacked their caravan, though this could be disputed.

The temperature in a van wheel became very hot,
The sure sign that the virus had developed in that spot.
The garage at Triabunna diagnosed the situation,
Then decided on a brake pad manipulation.

They continued on to Swansea, they’d arrive there soon,
But the virus struck again their holiday to ruin.
The wind was high, blowing in gusts, it tore the awning free,
Thus, they sailed into Swansea, like a square rigged ship at sea!

The town was dark, the storm raged on, nothing lit the sky,
The power was out, the lines were down, – resist the urge to cry.
The bloody Covid virus ruined their holiday
They’d had enough, so much went wrong and homeward went next day.

Alas the virus struck again, the twin-cab was fatigued,
They were upset, so exhausted, yet otherwise intrigued.
No one had warned Covid19 could socially transmit
And cause so much irritating, debilitating shit!

Thanks to Simon and Kathryn for the inspiration.
June 2020