Covid- 19

Cars wait expectantly in their garages,
Sometimes, for days on end.
Waiting expectantly for their owners
To drive them, once again.

Pedestrians have deserted footpaths,
Folk on buses are few.
Roadways are almost devoid of traffic,
Folk stay home, as asked to do.

Gone are cheerful sounds of conversation,
And the squeals of kids at play.
The town is beset by an eerie quiet,
One more abnormal day!

Most people have lost their vitality,
Do just what they must do.
Standing passively in check-out aisles,
One point five metres from you.

Old folk wonder what lies in the weeks ahead.
Missing family and friends.
Knowing their risk is abnormally high,
Wanting to share hugs again!

Young folk, full of life and zest, test rules
And believe they will survive,
But they can be carriers of Covid-19,
And help the virus thrive.

Essential services are maintained by
Dedicated men and women,
Putting the needs of others before theirs;
With skill and acumen!

Me, I’m one of the high-risk folk, waiting,
With Joy, expectantly,
For the virus to ease, then begin –
A new normality!

Stay safe,
April 2020