The Fall

(On The Dave Burrow’s Walk, Margate, Tasmania)

Wee Will lay sprawled across that old, bush track,
His pride spread throughout the nearby bracken.
The Supascoota finished upon his back . . .
There’s a first time for anything, I reckon.

A photo of the Supascootateers
Was my intent when this disaster struck,
With phone in hand, across the verge I veers
Where . . . in a split second, all became unstuck!

A rear wheel powered up a hidden stump,
Toppling my supascoota on its side.
I landed with a loud, resounding thump
Under the scooter . . . no longer astride.

My companions helped me to my feet,
Concerned, following my dramatic fall . . .
Pride shattered, a bloody knee, but complete!
Inattention preceded my downfall.

Now that I’m calm and settled inside
I can safely say, “Holy shit . . . what a ride!”

Bill Edmunds
June 22 2022.