The Man from Melaleuca

Peter Marmion is well known as a tour guide in Southwest Tasmania
and for the magnificient photos depicting the area that he posts on Facebook.
I was challenged by Greg Suitor to write a poem about Pete. Enjoy.

Melaleuca Pete

You’ll find Pete, the Man from Melaleuca,
In the land of the needwonnee people,
On Mt Rugby, and on Bathurst Harbour
Far from Hobart Town’s highrise and steeple.
Teacher, story teller, Par Avion tour guide,
Friend of the legendary King family,
Melaleuca Pete always glows with pride
When telling tales of Port Davey’s history.
His photos of the rugged Breaksea Islands,
The magnificent views from Rugby’s peak,
The windswept trees on Celery Top Islands
Are lures for all those that adventure seek.
You who have shared adventure time with Pete,
The Man from Melaleuca, are replete.

Bill Edmunds
August 2022