The First of June

The First of June

The first of June and winter is heralding its arrival.
Kunanyi is shrouded in grey cloud. Rain squalls sweep the suburbs,
Glimpses of snow appear from time to time, an early recital
For the wintry months ahead, cold, but absolutely superb!

Four o’clock. The rays of a pale, watery sun squeeze atop
The clouds, tinging their edges with pink, signalling the end of today.
I view my world through the meandering runnels of raindrops
On the windowpane, watching the droplets run, mingle and play.

Eastern Rosellas alight on my fence, preening their feathers,
Their coats of red, green and violet revealed to me whilst seeing
Them pick at the sunflower seed block in the all weather
Box, bobbing in and out, dropping husks outside, enjoying eating.

Must I enter the biting cold to retrieve the green-waste bin
From the street, or enjoy the heater, the warmth, and stay herein?

Bill Edmunds
June 2022.