Rye Town Pier

Wee Will on Rye Town Pier, Victoria

The tyres rumbled across the massive timber decking
Of the Rye Town Pier extending into the Bay,
As Wee Will on his scooter Bluey went checking
The view, from the pier, late on a summer’s day.

Folk lay sunbaking on the extensive white sands,
Families swam in the shallow waters below,
Kids gathered the courage to jump from the rail and
Plunge into the deeper water, – their friends all follow,

Family groups and others promenade along the pier
Enjoying each other, laughing, happy together,
The different languages music to his ear
As Wee Will also enjoyed the warmer weather.

Gone are the frustrations and worries of the week
The coastal air provides the solace many seek.

Rye Town Pier looking shorewards

Bill Edmunds
February 2023