Farewell to Staff

As Principal of my last Primary School, 1 January 1981 – 3 September 2001, before retirement.

I remember pigs in barrows
That we trundled around the pubs
To raise money for the sports gear
And to support our many clubs
The school’s Sports’ Committee
Acted as the hub.

The many different fairs
Brought people from afar
Buying many of our treasures
Adding money to the jar.
But the support of you the parents
Helps your kids to star!

You’ve worked with kids in classrooms
Built playgrounds and shade structures
Placed books into the library
Children’s interests were captured
All the work that you have done –
Helped create a learning culture!

I have seen developments.
Through the passing of the years.
The school became a part of me,
It’s people, – joys and fears.
Though the time has come for parting
The memories are dear.

Thank you for this evening
The camaraderie is great –
I’ve been proud to work beside you
To create and innovate.
This great primary school and you,
Have much to celebrate!

Thank you for your kind words
Your friendship and support
I’ll treasure the times we’ve had
Rich in care and thought,
There’s much that we’ve accomplished
For the students we have taught.

Face the future with confidence
Continue as a team
Anticipate the changes –
Wander with the stream
Take time to smell the roses,
Hang loose, – achieve your dreams!


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