Particularly Nasty Weather

 Particularly nasty weather!

Wild winds rage across the landscape,
Carting clouds across the sky above.
White top waves run away in fear
To crash on shore, spent and unloved.
Trees bend and sway in an effort
To minimise the force of wind,
As if sweeping the wind aside,
Its headlong journey to exscind.

Unseen but heard, rattling windows,
Flyscreens shaking in window tracks,
Humming through wires, antennas too,
A terrible, persistent attack.
Dust clouds sweep the subdivision,
Coating windows, washing and cars.
A mat lands on the roof next door
Before flying off towards the stars.

Maybe it’s winter’s dying gasp,
In two days time our spring prevails,
With many better days ahead
Despite these equinoctial gales.
Sheltered from the wind and cold
I’ll just hunker down, to watch inside,
Listening to windows creak and groan,
Until unpleasant winds subside.

Bill Edmunds
30 August 2020.