There are some things I take for granted, in my day to day
Until an extraordinary, happening causes a stay
In how I feel, how I think and certainly what I say.
My pulse is in this category, prepared to have its way,
By deciding to ignore my wishes, to have a play,
To become erratic, to be defiant, come what may.

A.F., or atrial fibrillation is a concern and was a blow
When it was diagnosed in me, around ten years ago.
I know when in A.F., as my pulse is very slow!
My heart is old and very tired, and blood pressure is low.
Waldenstroms Macroglobulinaemia, you know,
Together with Amyloidosis – impaired things so.

This year the A.F. changed, my pulse would take a downward spike
And cause fleeting, dizzy spells, not something I did like.
I’d clutch my head and give a groan, the feeling I disliked!
My driving was restricted to local areas, maybe a trike
Is what I need: . . . can’t tow the caravan . . . nothing left to do but hike!
My world is closing in, fewer things to do, a large hole, crater-like!

This week my pulse cried, “Enough, enough, Edmunds my friend,
I’ll bring this cardiac disfunction, to a timely end!”
With that I felt a dizzy spell: blood flow was suspended,
My pulse rate stopped, . . . My day was totally upended
My forehead ached, panic set in, what could be round the bend?
Again, again I felt the pain: how could I reverse this trend?

Tomorrow will be the day when the surgeon will implant
A pacemaker in my chest, to give a jolt the instant
My pulse falters, as this brand new cardiac assistant
Will benefit me, in a way that is significant.
The potential to improve my lifestyle, is brilliant!
I’ll dream of new times, when I succumb to the relaxant.

. . . next day:

Ten a.m. and in the ward, the implant uncomplicated,
Maybe living will begin again: my lifestyle invigorated,
With holidays in the caravan regenerated.
Enjoying time with Joy, moments to be appreciated,
Coffee with friends, time with CSI, feeling liberated,
When people time, is certainly accentuated.

Bill Edmunds
21 November 2019

Many thanks to the staff, nurses, Jonathon, and Luke at Hobart Private Hospital.
I have rated your care, professionalism and food at 120%