Supascoota Christmas 2022

The Supascootateers can’t believe the longest day  
Was near as they rode the foreshore trail to Lindisfarne,
On a gloomy day, very overcast, cold and grey,
A day to partake of coffee, and share a joke or yarn.

Another year had passed and the Supascoota foursome
Met to celebrate their friendship and awesome mode of travel,
To spend time together and escape from all those irksome
Everyday matters, to ride the bitumen and gravel.

Powerful, the Supascoota was the perfect choice,
Portable and easily dismantled, ‘walking on wheels’,
Giving the means to explore new pathways, to rejoice
In the freedom; as a smile on each face reveals.

Mischief was evident in each happy, festive face,
When the Scootas were parked in the Disabled Parking space!

Bill Edmunds
December 2022.