5 Stacker

5 Stacker

Old Nick, sure has his namesake’s obsession
With fire, and staying warm when with his friends,
By burning the wood in his possession,
A trait I unreservedly commend.

Washing machine bowls, with holes in the side,
Provide the absolutely perfect spot
For a great, wood burning fire to reside,
Radiating heat from that old, tin pot.

Stack five bowls and the fire comes alive
When air through Nick’s ‘Wonder Valve’ feeds the fire.
The group stays warm; story telling does thrive,
Laughter ensues long past the time to retire.

When the fire-pot bowls glow bright red with heat,
Old Nick smiles. His fire-pot’s working a treat!

4 stacker burning bright

5 Stacker alight

Nick is my brother.

Bill Edmunds
November 2022