Dogs are appreciative by nature, -I know!
Dogs want a mate and somewhere to go,
Sharing your adventures from day to day,
Especially “fetch” and other games you play.
Eagerly, they watch your every move,
Waiting for the signs that you approve.

Some dogs have an unfortunate life,
Unwanted, abused, and always in strife.
They cower, whine, and cringe in fear,
Sadly, whenever their owner walks near.
They live in circumstances bereft of love,
When all they want is to fit like a glove.













Rex is one such dog that I have known
That now lives in a forever home.
He’s loved and adored by friends of mine
And has settled with them exceedingly fine.
He thrives on love, care and respect
And is a companion to them in every aspect.

Rex, is unleashed with time to play,
When reaching a road he’ll sit and stay.
He opens the flywire door when bidden
And enjoys all the delicious bones he’s hidden.
He’s always ready for a comforting pat,
Life doesn’t get much better than that!

With Jill and Keith he loves to abide,
At night he’ll enjoy the warmth inside.
One eye is on Keith for the signal he sends
Then onto Keith’s lap the kelpie ascends.
Together they doze in front of teevee,
A man and his dog, dreaming and free

I’m sure that Rex could unerringly tell
When chemo. was making me feel unwell.
He’d appear at my door often twice a day,
And close by my side he’d snuggle and stay,
With his head resting upon my Knee.
His big brown eyes were a comfort to me.

Rex’s visits were a form of therapy,
The fact that he cared was easy to see.
I’m delighted to have the kelpie as friend,
Particularly now my health’s on the mend.
One thing I’ll remember regarding a pet,
Is that, “What I give is what I will get!”


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