Gaining Attention


Trips to the doctor keep me poor,
But here I go, along once more.
A fierce infection was the cause,
I ventured through the doctor’s doors.
Just waited there, as patients do
Until the doctor, called me through.

“Bill?” I heard the summoning call
And leapt to my feet, . . . standing tall.
The waiting room was full that day,
An audience . . . to watch the fray.
Across the room, began to move,
Sticks and legs,  . . . as one, . . . in the groove!

Pacing nicely across the room
I didn’t see the danger loom.
My left foot dropped and snagged the floor
But I continued as before!
My left foot to the carpet ‘glued’,
I suddenly was quite subdued.

My head left both my feet behind . . .
“Why?” flashed into my rattled mind
While toppling at a rate of knots,
What was it that I had forgot?
Understanding came very fast! . . .
Stared at the looming floor aghast!

My sandals had no rubber strap
To prevent this awful mishap,
With such a loud, resounding crash,
Into the carpet I did smash!
Sprawled across the surgery floor,
I lay there feeling bruised and sore.

My crutches had not saved my fall,
In fact they were not ‘Smart’ at all!
My shoulder hit the carpet first . . .
Not something that I’d rehearsed,
Legs, wrists and elbows scraped and bruised,
I lay there feeling quite confused.

Patients waited, concerned, but hushed,
While to my side two doctors rushed.
“How did I feel? Was I all right?
What could they do to help my plight?”
Both assisted me to my feet,
In a doctor’s room, . . . took my seat.

A nurse placed plaster on my grazes,
Her tender care received my praises.
The ‘Docs’ were great with their support,
Being helpful, I would have thought.
Later I left the doctor’s rooms,
Somewhat bruised, – . . . life resumes.

Dropping foot had been my undoing,
It’s all my fault, . . . No use stewing!
Missed the rubber band while talking
That stops foot-drop, when I’m walking.
My left foot ‘velcros’ to the floor
And I go crashing down once more!

Bill Edmunds
October 2019