Runnels of water on the windowpane,
Droplets join together then run again.
Mount Kunanyi no longer tall and proud,
Obscured by enveloping mist and cloud.
The Droughty Hills becoming fresh and green
No longer parched as normally seen.
Plants drooping, water laden with raindrops.
Gardeners, Farmers keen to plant their crops.
Daylight Saving and spring arrive as one,
A change of season, with new life begun.

Banksia Rose
Banksia Rose and Lavender

The banksia rose is laden with flowers,
A beautiful show of golden showers.
Wisteria beautifully on display,
Expanding along the fence, each day.
Cascades of the clematis pink and white
Are a great source of beauty and delight.
Roses displaying colours of yellow and pink
The perfect place to sit, relax and think
About these simple pleasures in my life,
A delight shared with Joy, my lovely wife.

Yellow Rose
Pink Roses

Still, there is so much more to see outside,
Grevillea and boronias collide,
Azaleas in coloured profusion bloom
Magnolia exudes a strong perfume.
Lavender just seems to bloom forever,
The crab apple is sprouting, however.
The garden gives delight now we’re confined
For Covid Nineteen has sadly defined
Where we can go and what we do today,
But, we have our garden in which to stay!

Dwarf Clematis

Bill Edmunds
October 2020.