7. The Dynamic Duo

Supascoota Adventure 7.

‘The Dynamic Duo’

The wind blew strongly from the west
In summer’s dying days,
When two old buggers went riding, –
They’d caught the Scoota craze!

Lewis and Bill “The Dynamic Duo” on their SupaScootas”

Lewis was rather tentative,
His second time on wheels,
He rode his new SupaScoota,
Enjoying how it feels.

Around the bay at Lindisfarne,
The ‘Dynamic Duo’
Cruised along the bay-side cycle path,
Enjoying Monday Arvo.

The wind rustled the duo’s hair,
Electric motors purred,
The wind set river waves a-dancing,
The leaves on trees were stirred.

Boats tugged strongly at their moorings,
Just wishing to be free,
To roam Hobart’s Derwent River,
Just like Lewis and me.

We enjoyed a pause at Currency,
A coffee break with friends,
Then homeward bound we ventured,
Where this adventure ends.

Though our walking mode is impaired,
Mobility is advanced
By our SupaScoota Sports, our
Independence enhanced.

Bill Edmunds
22 February 2021