Green and Gold Premiers

The Karoola Football Club 1962

Karoola Football Club , Premiers East Tamar Football Association 1962.
Bill Dillon back left, Bill Edmunds 4th from back left.

Young men donned the Green and Gold Football gear
Under veteran coach Bill Dillon
In pursuit of becoming that year,
Premiers, of the East Tamar Association.

Family names: Dean, McCarthy, Broad, – a few,
Sulzberger, Hawes, Hammersley, Morgan as well,
Edmunds, Woodiwiss, Chugg and Walker too,
Under old Bill Dillon Karoola began to gel.

A blend of youth and experience the team
Exuded confidence and won the Grand Final
Against Lilydale, completing the dream
Of a premiership that was in fact binal.

The Edmunds enjoyed their day in the sun
As the seconds team coached by father Bill
Who played with Richard and Roger when they won,
With Nick running the boundary as well.

I played in the firsts, changing with Bill Dillon,
A wily old ruckman, seldom beaten at a bounce,
Who taught me to palm the ball, to move it on
To a player, free, with a chance to pounce.

But that was sixty years ago this year,
And but a memory that I hold dear.

Bill Edmunds
April 2022