Jib set, main set, tiller lashed, lying back in the roomy cockpit
As Halcyon sails itself across Frederick Henry Bay.
The warm sun penetrating my body, thoroughly relaxing it,
Calming my mind, giving time for my wandering thoughts to play.

Halcyon is a Snook 22, Hobart built of King Billy Pine,
A centreboarder, and fitted with a sail-drive, beautiful,
Perfect for two, perfect for me, in which to relax, unwind,
After a week of delight, fun and stresses of being at school.

Watching the sunset over Slopen Island, in Lime Bay moored
Atop the broad sandy beach or snug in the bay at Eaglehawk,
Abeam the sand-dunes at Dodges Ferry, fond memories stored
Of skinny-dipping at Slopen Main, just having time to talk.

I remember those great days before my health began to fail,
Before my balance was impaired and I could not safely sail.

On the slip
Under way
Moving location

Bill Edmunds
June 2022.