A Diversion, March 2012

In the Rear Vision Mirror: 1

A Diversion (March 2012)

“We are the Premiers, We are the Team,
We can’t be beaten, that’s easily seen.
At the end of the season, you’ll know the reason,
Why we are the Premier Team!” (Football song)

This song immediately sprang to mind,
A blast from some fifty years behind
When Smithton went premiers, of course,
But that is a matter for another discourse.

We were bowls premiers of twenty twelve
In Division five, and the cup we’d shelve
To acknowledge our bowls team, the Gazelles
‘Fleet of foot and dewy eyed’, . . . yeah, well!

The ‘Gazelles’

I sang the song with gusto, as for me
This was a moment to remember, especially,
But, that’s not the point of this tale of mine,
I was fighting cancer; health in decline!

I used two sticks to keep my balance,
To keep me steady, to reduce the chance
Of sending down a wayward bowl, or slip;
Considered important, as I was skip.

Bill: A winner!

I was down, fighting hard to be positive,
The win was uplifting, an alternative
To fighting worrying feelings within,
By celebrating our premiership win!