My “Little Cabbage”, Petit Chou

You came to us so unloved, old and worn,
Paint peeling from your somewhat weathered bow.
There you sat on the veggie patch, forlorn,
Wanting to ride the waves anew, but how?

Your clinker hull was worth the care we gave.
Sanded, painted, new deck and gaff rigged sails
You were ready to proudly ride the waves
Of Frederick Henry Bay – in sun or hail.

After school we’d climb aboard our little boat,
Hoist the sails, release the mooring, set sail
Across the bay, happy to be afloat,
Riding the wind and waves that did prevail.

Despite the fun and the good times you gave,
The want for a bigger yacht,  I did crave.

Cartoon by Hobart Mercury’s Kev on my 50th Birthday, a gift from Lauderdale Primary School staff.
Gaff rig sloop
Off the beach at Snug
At anchor

Bill Edmunds
October 2021