The overcoat

Sixty-six saw a wonderful mix of students in primary schools
Join the annual test, to see who’s best, at the sport of Aussie Rules.
East and West and the far Northwest gathered to join the fray
With those in the North, and South who came forth to see who’d win the day.
Southern Midlands was host by providing most of the facilities teams required
Though the frost and the cold I’d be so bold to say was never desired.

Suffice it to say as a coach on the day I was worried about keeping warm
In Smithton I sought and finally bought an overcoat in which to perform.
On a Mercedes bus with so little fuss the team would travel for hours
When travel is long what could be wrong in wishing for magical powers.
Campania, Sorell and Pontville as well were the grounds allotted for matches
Though Circular Head had not often led they performed quite well in patches.

OvercoatThe point of this tale is not to regale the footy we all enjoyed
But to revisit the ‘coat’ as readers will note was purchased before I deployed.
It’s truthful to say that before that day I had never an overcoat worn.
So what did I do I’m hearing from you, with the coat that I had borne.
As I didn’t wear the coat in my care, I sought a refund from the store,
Now the coat is back on it’s previous rack and all is just as before.


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