Bush Tucker

The menu doesn’t vary, only the size of the meal.
But you have to be quick and able to steal
From the kites and wedge-tails, vying for the deal.

Australian wedge tailed eagle
Australian wedge tailed eagle

Kangaroo is top of the list, warm and barely still,
A Mitchell Highway special, courtesy of road-trains, will
Be the choice of raptors, after last night’s kill.

They gorge on their prey as we draw near.
When dangerously close, they all fly clear
Yet the moment we pass, they return without fear.

A few of the victims we’d not seen before. –
Taut like a barrel, the wild bush boar
Lay on the verges, too tough to gnaw.

The drought has its impact on this land.
Grass on roadsides, attracts a hungry band,
But we who drive the autos, – refuse to understand.


Road kill
Drive with care

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