About Bill

Bill Edmunds was a teacher in the Tasmanian Education Department (Australia) for forty years. Thirty four of these years were spent as a school principal of primary schools ranging in size from 27 students in 1968 to 694 students during his last school appointment. Bill was principal in his last school, Lauderdale Primary School in Southeast Tasmania from January 1981 until he retired in September 2001.

Bill thoroughly enjoyed his role as primary school principal and working with the school communities in which he taught. He was Principal of Bronte Park Primary School in 1968, South Queenstown Primary School from 1969 until 1973, Havenview Primary School in Burnie in 1974 and 1975, Roseneath Primary School in Claremont (Greater Hobart) in 1976 and 1977, and started the new Green Point Primary School at Bridgewater in 1978 and continued there until 1980 before moving to one of the largest primary schools in Tasmania at Lauderdale in 1981.

Bill spent 10 years as a research assistant  to Professor Bill Mulford in the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania following his retirement from the Department of Education in September 2001. The research focused on Leadership in Education. Bill co-authored several research papers published during this very rewarding period of his professional career.

Bill enjoys writing what he calls ‘Bush Verse’ (He’s not constrained by perfection) to capture his reflections about life’s experiences, people and places of interest.

Read and enjoy


Link to Bill Mulford:

Bill Mulford – Profiles – University of Tasmania, Australia – UTAS Home
Bill is an internationally recognised educator with a deep interest in the areas of educational leadership, effective implementation of educational change and …

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