Visits to the doctor are not the same,
Keeping everyone safe is the brand new game.
Phoned from the carpark when I came,
Waited in the car, until called by name.
Temperature normal, was ushered in there,
Isolated, on a waiting room chair,
Carefully positioned on a yellow square,
Before appreciating, the doctor’s care.

Now a complementary system’s in place;
Doctors don’t meet with me face to face,
When discussing a routine medical case.
A telephone is used as the interface.
Three times my mobile was the resource
Upon which we conducted our discourse;
Entirely meeting medical needs, of course.
Satisfactory . . . I have no remorse!

A way of avoiding waiting room queues
With no magazines and little for you
But get lost in your mobile . . . others do,
Or private thoughts you may tend to pursue.
Tele-health means the doc. may call ahead
Of the scheduled time, so be prepared
For this new way of being consulted,
Timely, efficient and a watershed.

The community nurse, upon reflection
Made use of Tele-health to perfection.
Rang my doctor, who wrote a prescription
To eliminate my new infection.
The chemist rang me for confirmation
Re delivery of my medication.
That afternoon, when in conversation
My G.P. announced this revelation:

“You don’t look too good on paper, Bill!”

Stay well . . . embrace the changes . . . laugh a lot!
April 2020