Mountain Splendour

Mountain Splendour 

Nestled amongst the scree overlaying Lady Barron Creek
Grows a remnant from the time when Tasmania was part
Of the great continent of Gondwanaland, a plant we seek
Each year, particularly when the alpine autumn starts.

I, like others, trek to see the Nothofagus gunnii,
Our deciduous beech, endemic to Tasmania,
As it’s leafy canopy turns from green to gold, where I
Stand in wonder, caught up in the alpine hysteria.

The autumn light filters through the snow gum trees
Highlighting the golden leaves on view in the afternoon sun,
Some already changing to a magnificent shade of red,
Prior to dropping among the scree, before winter has begun.

About Anzac Day, I’ll drive once more that alpine road and stand
Near Lake Fenton, to enjoy that autumn wonderland.

Bill Edmunds
May 2023
Nothofagus gunnii