Coffee Sippers International 2019

Coffee Sippers International 2019

We come from near and far, from suburbs in our town,
Each Thursday morning when, together, we sit down
In a café, and maybe share a laugh or two.
Some of we old ‘chalkies’, may be well known to you.
All have served as teachers in Tasmanian schools,
Helping students learn the knowledge and the tools
That will empower them throughout the years ahead:
But, . . . that was years ago,  . . . My, how that time has fled!

We men enjoy the pleasures that each moment holds,
Throughout our retirement years, however life unfolds.
Thursdays are special, as for an hour each week,
We meet with former colleagues, their company to seek.
Coffee Sippers International, . . . what a name!
Maybe it’s our way to enjoy a flash of fame.
Our different personalities add richness,
But, the care and support each receives, . . . is priceless!

A retired teacher’s  ‘Men’s Shed’ in all but its name,
A function of Sippers is certainly the same.
We may have an issue of deep concern, to share
With friends, . . . whose empathy shows they really care,
They understand, they uplift with a friendly word,
Use humour, a clasp of hand, . . . to show we’re heard.
Sport is often a topic of conversation,
Infrequently, politics may rate a mention.

We’ll sometimes share our intersecting memories
Of life in schools and towns, . . . as beneficiaries
Of connections dating back fifty years: and more,
To Teachers’ College, and some to school days before.
Or explore Australian landscapes on a trip.
One member of our group is a ‘fly-in-fly-out’,
But all turn up at Sippers, when they are about.

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Enjoy a happy Festive Season with family and friends.