One Fine Day July 2012

In the Rear Vision Mirror: 2

One Fine Day! (July 2012)

“You are very ill.” (No jocularity),
“Chemo has no more capability.
Eighteen months to live, a probability,
A transplant may create stability
But, the risk of dying, a possibility!
Extremely high risk is a reality.”

My whole world was turned upside down,
Had my time really come around?
My ship of life had run aground,
I didn’t know how I could rebound.
Confused, scared, on a merry-go-round,
As though life’s threads had been unwound.

Joy and I discussed the situation,
Then both opted for transplantation.
We waited then with expectation,
For The Royal to give confirmation
Of a stem cell transplant operation,
Before any further deterioration.

Joy and I didn’t want to hesitate,
But September was the earliest date
That specialist staff would operate,
Which meant we had three months to wait.
Then we had reason to celebrate,
Our family came together, . . . great!

Friday was a perfect winter’s day,
The sea was calm and wind away,
Sun was shining, perfect for play.
We packed the boat and powered away
Across Frederick Henry Bay
To the Dodges Ferry waterway.

Stormy Petrel, Dodges Ferry
Lilla and Jeremy

This day proved to be opportune.
We disembarked below the dune
That was crested extremely soon
On that mild, winter afternoon.
An old surfboard proved to be a boon
When riding down that sandy dune.

Zsuzsanna and Lilla
Family at play: Zsuzsanna, Jeremy, Reuben and Matt
Matt on the move

I settled down to watch with Joy
Kids and grandkids thoroughly enjoy
Riding the surfboard they’d deploy
Down the dune, two girls, three boys,
Taking turns to use that newfound toy:
Laughter, banter and squeals of joy.

Zsuzsanna, Bill and Joy
Wheeeee! Zsuzsanna
Lilla and Reuben

Today gave me a reason to live
The joy of family, a reason to give
A stem cell transplant, although intensive,
A go, in the hope that an elusive
Disease becomes less invasive!