The Magpie

Wondering what birds can see
Has often been intriguing me.
I envy them soaring way up high
Where they can watch the world go by.

When looking from my second floor
I wondered what a magpie saw,
Unmoving on a branch quite high,
A silhouette against the sky!

Tasmanian Magpie

My view, was filtered by some trees,
But magpie saw what e’er she pleased!
Was she watching waves at play,
When she peered across Ralphs Bay?

Was it the mouse, that I saw scoot
Inside an old, discarded boot?
Was it those, who made provision
For roadways in the subdivision?

Was it builders working quickly,
Completing houses very slickly?
Did Magpie see all passing by,
Changing her view from eye to eye?

Black and white, a bird of beauty,
Was she a sentinel there on duty?
Was my imagination in full flight?
And magpie simply, – in respite!



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