1. The Downhill Run

Old Bill sat upon his scooter at the top of the rise,
His long legs propped against the turf, contemplating.
A mischievous grin creased his face and disappeared
Within his beard, he planned, he sat there, patiently waiting.

Legs spread wide, like outriggers on a Polynesian canoe
Old Bill released the brake and set off down the hill.
Full throttle on the SupaScoota he began the descent,
Thoroughly enjoying this new-found, exciting thrill.

The throttle on high, to avoid the electro-magnetic
Brake, the scooter sped down that Swansea seaside park.
Old Bill sat in sheer delight, grinning, enjoying,
Discovering magic outside the ‘square’, – loving the lark!

With a J curve at the bottom he pulled to a stop,
The task accomplished, happy, a new era begun.
Old Bill, a lover of bush and sea, decided this was good,
There’d be more scooter adventures, this was just day one!

The downhill run