3. The St Columba Falls

Winter is a perfect time to pull on warm coats,
Venture into the Tasmanian Bush to explore
The many and varied attractions, the seascapes,
The ever-changing bush hinterland, and much more.

Nestled in a green valley northeast of St Helens
Lies Pyengana, meaning ‘Two Rivers’, dairy country,
The home of the ‘Pub in the Paddock’, its beer drinking
pig and of course the Pyengana cheese factory.

Water drains from Mt Victoria and Mt Albert,
To form the South George River that steeply cascades
Over granite ledges to form a ninety metre waterfall,
One of Tasmania’s highest, falling into lush fern glades.

St Columba Falls

St Columba is the name of the farm nearby,
And subsequently given to the water fall
Hidden in the nearby, steep, densely wooded hills,
Where tin miners eked out livings among them all.

Old Bill and his SupaScoota, Marcelle, Tony
And Joy happily set off down the well-formed track,
In the dappled light beneath rainforest trees,
Ignoring the prospect of steepness going back.

They descended to the floor of the river valley,
On leaf litter, beneath tall, majestic tree ferns,
Beside the clear water of the swiftly flowing
South George River, enjoying that beautiful sojourn.

Water cascaded freely from the cliff top above
Into the water course below, beneath their feet,
As they stood on the viewing platform, each lost in
Thought, mesmerised, absorbed, enjoying nature’s treat.

Joy and Bill on the viewing platform, St Columba Falls

Photos taken, they wrenched themselves free to begin
The upward trek to the car park and picnic snack.
The SupaScoota faltered twice on a pinch or two
Where Old Bill walked beside, but made it easily back.

A day to remember at St Columba Falls,
A special Northeastern Tasmanian treasure.
Worth the time to visit, a great destination
That delivered so much peace, wonderment and pleasure.

St Columba Falls, Pyengana

Bill Edmunds, December 2020