Easter (Corona Virus) break 2020

Easter (Corona-virus) break 2020

I’ve chained the caravan to the shed
So that we cannot use it instead
Of hunkering down at Easter break,
When the health of us all, is at stake!

Every day social disruption,
Due to the corona eruption
Has placed the lives of ev’ryone on hold,
Indefinitely, as we’ve each been told.

National Park was our destination
For enjoyable rest and recreation;
Exploring waterfalls, deciduous beech,
And mountain tarns, .   .  . all within reach.

Maybe a barbecue in the courtyard
For us, would not be very hard,
With a toast to all our absent friends
And family, ‘Until we meet again!’

However there is satisfaction,
Due to a lack of interaction,
There’ll be more chocolate eggs to enjoy,
And hot fruit buns with my partner, Joy!

Stay safe,
April 2020.