Change of vocation

A tribute to a school secretary

There’s sadness in the classrooms
For all have come to know
That Fiona, today, will leave us.
It’s time for her to go.

She said, “ Life begins at forty something,
There are things that I must do!”
And though today you leave the school,
There’s no doubt that we’ll remember you.

For many of us you've been an ‘ear’
And provided great support.
You have a sense of humour,
And quick with a retort

I have valued your support,
Your dedication, care,concern.
But change is ever present
And there’s just so much to learn!

You’ve chosen a profession
With challenge, variety and stress
But we at school all know
That you’ll give of your best.

The Tasmanian Police
Will gain a new respected member,
A dedicated professional,
When you graduate in December.

Though we’re sad to see you go –
We’re losing a true friend, -
We wish you great success
And best wishes with you send.

Take care Fiona . . .

We know it’s what you want.
Thank you for helping staff.
Hang on to your integrity,
And don’t forget to laugh!

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