4. Russel Falls

“The splendour falls on Russell Falls
And wild cataracts leap in glory!”
– Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson

The perfect place to relax,
To contemplate and dream,
To solve issues of the day
Beside this flowing stream.

Towering swamp gums meet the sky,
Dogwood, and myrtle down below
In the Mt Field National Park,
A very special place to go.

Russell Falls Creek meanders
Through fern glades tall and cool,
The perfect place to pause awhile,
Seeking creatures in each pool.

Joy beside the stream

The path was wide, clear and flat
The Supascoota cruised with ease
Through a light dappled wonderland,
Old Bill rode, chuffed and pleased.

Tree stump left by timber getters long ago

Huge tree stumps rotting slowly,
Reminders of years long gone.
Tree ferns unfurling new fronds
Indicating life goes on.

Tree Fern

Tourists roam these bushland paths
Lost in the wonder of the falls
Cascading from the cliff above,
Mist wreathing around them all.

Bill and Joy
Russel Falls

The unique Waterfall Cafe,
The perfect place to end the day,
Sharing with partner Joy
My seventy seventh birthday.

Enjoying the Waterfall Cafe

Bill Edmunds