Blue Tongue Lizard

Blue tongue lizars.jpg
‘Bloss’ the blue tongue lizard

Ric absolutely loved his reptilian friends
With whom he developed a bond,
He brought a blue tongue lizard to school
Of which we were rather fond.

‘Bloss’ was the name of his lizard friend
That arrived each day at school
Quite at home in his trouser pocket
Students thought ‘Bloss’ was ‘cool’.

The first port of call was the principal’s wife
So that Bloss could breakfast on mince,
Then it was off to the Year 4 Class,
A routine that developed since.

Reading, writing and arithmetic
Were lessons that ‘Bloss’ could abide,
Lying across the front of the desk,
Taking it all in his stride.

The playground was enjoyable too
Safely at young Ric’s side,
Its head peering out of a pocket,
What a wonderful way to ride!

We learned a lot with ‘Bloss’ in our class,
Hands on learning ‘unfurled’,
“Bloss” helped foster empathy with
The lizards that share our world.


‘Bloss’ was Ric’s friend before he developed a fascination with tiger snakes. c.1971

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