Bass Strait

Rolling waves, capped by the gale force
Winds, explode in white, windswept spray.
Slate, grey skies darkened our course
When we sailed across Bass Strait today.

The Spirit of Tasmania boat
Rose with the underlying swell
Endlessly crushing waves as it smote
Them for blocking its path as well.

The side step shuffle was a means
Used by many to stay erect
When the ferry suddenly leans
Throwing folk aside with great effect!

Plates of food were swept to the floor
People toppled and suddenly fell
As a rogue wave hit the boat once more,
Glasses of wine succumbed as well!

My crutches toppled as I gained my feet
The chair slid quickly to the side
I grabbed the table, as I lost my seat,
To stop a consequential slide.

Bass Strait is most angry today,
Rain squalls sweep in from the west,
Waves shower the ship with spray.
Thankfully, ’The Spirit’ meets the test.

Nightfall, I can no longer see
Far across those rough, troubled waves
That pound our faithful ship with glee.
It’s so much easier to be brave!

It’s nice to be travelling home,
Before once again we decide to roam.

Bill Edmunds.
March 2023