5 Mile Beach: Walking on Wheels

Bluey and Goldie nestled side by side in the back
Of the Land Rover ready for an exciting day
Exploring the intertidal zone, the estuarine track
Along the beach where soldier crabs in thousands play.

Autumn, sunny, and the air breathlessly silent,
The low light glinting on the water, Midway Point
Away to the north and old bleached trees, prominent
On the tide line, there to be negotiated at some point.

Great to be running free, wheels purring across the sand,
Stopping for a sandwich, and coffee on the beach,
Watching planes soar skyward, contemplating where they’ll land.
Watching the tide creeping slowly, our path to reach.

Time to go before we’re trapped on that sandy shore,
But, we’ll be back with our supascootas, for sure!

Bill Edmunds
May 2023
5 Mile Beach