Migratory Friends

Red necked stints and godwits fly
In search of lands across the sky.
As year after year they depart in flight,
Riding solar winds till out of sight.
They winter in Alaska and Siberia
Returning to wetlands in Tasmania.
No doubt they have compelling reasons
For moving with the changing seasons.

It’s not just birds that to and fro
But friends of mine just up and go.
To Nonghi, in Thailand, a peaceful place
Of rice paddies, tuk-tuks and slow of pace
Where the residents have time to care
A slice of paradise nestled there.
Melvin and Nom spend half their time
In that tropical northern clime.

Migratory Friends.jpg
Joy & Bill and front, Melvin,Ta (Nom’s Dad) and Nom in Nonghi, NE Thailand

In April they fly south once more
To walk again Tasmania’s shore.
Grandchildren are their source of wonder –
An important slice of time down under.
They join with friends and talk for hours
Drinking coffee and “smelling flowers”,
Sharing fun and fantastic stories,
Exploring life, its hopes and glories.


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