I lived on Flinders Island from 1951 until the end of 1955 when my family left the island so that I could attend High School in Launceston.

It has been told, by the sages of old,
That the experience of youth, however uncouth
Sets one’s values from then to whenever.
The games one played and the places one strayed
Would underpin those values forever.

I remember with ease, doing much as I pleased
On an island great, in the east of Bass Strait
Where I spent my primary years.
The many days in the sun when freely we’d run
Would help my values come clear.

The days that were spent by the sea in a tent
Would stay in my mind and forever would bind
Me to those days from the past.
Responsibility was taken and never forsaken
The die for the future was cast.

When the west wind blew and clouds fairly flew
We’d swim in the water doing just as we ‘oughter’
For hours in the sea and the sun.
With days to grow and much more to know
Forming values was exciting and fun.

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