Folk battle their fifth major floods
Occurring in less than two years,
As extreme, unprecedented rainfall
Sweeps endlessly across the land,
Swelling rivers, causing panic,
Inundating houses, farms and towns.

Townsfolk and farmers wear their frowns
As storm clouds across the horizon scud,
Sandbags tirelessly filled with manic
Haste, eyes brimming with tears,
Trying, but failing to understand
Why folk bear the brunt of it all.

Most folk don’t have the where withal
To hold back the water, swift and brown,
Coursing through their lives, to withstand
The forces destroying homes; studs,
Lining, shelter, midst escalating fears,
An horrendous force, brutal, organic!

The capacity to overcome the horrific
Effect of La Nina on them all,
Soon becomes abundantly clear;
The choice to leave or possibly drown,
To leave possessions, subject to mud,
That couldn’t be removed beforehand.

How can folk possibly withstand
The loss and be systematic
In sifting through layers of crud,
Backs to the proverbial wall,
Their spirits impossibly down,
Losing everything once held dear?

Can folk again walk tall and steer
Ahead and come to understand,
That pain and loss may get them down,
That it’s okay to be less than stoic,
As they steer a path through it all
And re-build again. – It’s in their blood!

Climate change continues to tick.
Why do humans ignore its call?
Why risk impact of fire and flood?

Bill Edmunds
November 2022
An exploration of the Sestina form of poetry.